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While Diving The Stress Stays At The Surface

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Divers Down is a popular brand that is known for giving the best quality diving equipment. With the main aim to satisfy the customers, we have gained a good reputation among people.

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We also offer diver courses with the best and certified instructors.

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"When it comes to diving equipment they are definitely the best. Any pro will definitely suggest divers down."

-Jose M. Lange

Diving Equipment

We have all kinds of diving equipment that can serve your needs.

Professional Diving Equipments

Helium Gas

Helium gas is used for the diver to come to the surface easily.

Water Scooter

We have all kinds of diving equipment that can serve your needs.

Dive Regulator

A diving regulator is very important as it helps in the safety of the divers.

Our Blog

Scuba Dive in Best Places of the World

Scuba diving is a thrilling journey to explore the serene beauty of deep ocean beds and incredible marine creations. Some of the beautiful places in the world to enjoy scuba diving are as follows:

1) Micronesia: Palau located in Micronesia is a big hit for scuba diving with the water depth of 30 meters, and the range of visibility is up to forty meters. This place needs early reservations to get a glimpse of coral reefs, sharks, eagle rays, dolphins, green turtles, mantis shrimps.

2) Indonesia: Bali in Indonesia is a famous spot for all the scuba divers. This place has sea turtles, stingrays, sunken ships, ancient temples, and statues. Divers can dive up to 25 meters of depth and range of visibility is up to twenty meters.

3) Egypt: Red sea in Egypt is another great location to enjoy scuba diving. Water depth and visibility range are up to thirty meters. This place is more about wreckages of motorbikes, trucks, armored cars. You can dive to see the famous sunken British transport ship named SS Thistlegorm which is about 128 meters long.


4) Malaysia: Sipadan Island in Malaysia would also give you a spectacular sight for scuba diving. The water bed is as deep as 40 meters and visible up to 30 meters. Variety in marine sharks like leopard sharks, white tip sharks, hammerhead sharks can be spotted along with hard and soft corals.

5) Australia: The most favored destination for scuba diving is the world’s famous and biggest coral reef called The great barrier reef situated in Australia. You can also dive at Yongala with a depth of 30 meters and visible up to 15 meters. This is the place for the history of wrecks and shelter for octopuses, humpback whales, manta rays, sea snakes to name a few.

6) Maldives: A Place called Maya Thila is another famous spot for scuba diving with a depth of 30 meters, and visibility ranges to 40 meters. Underwater fauna, flora, Moorish idol, Grey reef sharks, parrotfish, big fin batfish, etc. can be spotted here.

7) Belize: This place is famous for the vast underwater sinkhole named as The Great Blue Hole which has a depth of about 124 meters and visible up to 30 meters. Marine life like large tuna, sharks and underwater caves are popular diving attractions here.

8) Hawaii: Kailua-Kona in Hawaii gives great diving experience up to 6 meters depth and

visibility up to 10 meters, a home for largest marine reserve and marine animals such as sharks,  whales, manta rays, stingrays, giant sea turtles.

9) Thailand: Surin islands is another excellent place for diving with a depth of 25 meters and

visible up to 30 meters. Grey reef sharks, colored reefs can be seen here.

10) Fiji: Great white wall in Fiji is also a perfect place for diving with depth of 45 meters and visibility up to 40 meters with various corals and marine life found.

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